Forensic Accounting Experts

Forensic accounting experts Dr. Barry Jay Epstein, CPA, CFF and Ralph Nach, CPA, offer a level of proficiency, knowledge, and experience that is difficult to match. Principals in the firm are available to serve as a testifying or consulting expert witness in matters relating to:

The principals in Epstein + Nach LLC have been involved in more than 140 litigation matters, including many high profile cases arising from such alleged infractions as off-the-books transactions, stock option backdating, and other forms of financial fraud.

Skilled in Trial Preparation

Epstein + Nach LLC can help plaintiff or defense attorneys prepare and explain complex accounting matters to the trier of fact in several ways. Federal and state regulatory agencies, as well as leading national law firms, are among the clients for the firm’s principals.

The firm’s trial preparation services include:

  • Document Review. Proven ability to identify crucial evidence by screening thousands of documents quickly.
  • Case Strategy. Direct and cross-examination questions specific to your case can be drafted.
  • Technical Guidance. On-site assistance during depositions is available for enhanced productivity.
  • Exhibit Preparation. Persuasive accounting exhibits educate the judge and jury on key requirements.

The highest form of productivity is achieved by early involvement.

Detailed Forensic Accounting Expert Reports

As seasoned authors and educators, Dr. Epstein and Mr. Nach distinguish themselves with the depth and clarity of the Rule 26 or equivalent report written or declaration for every case. Cases have been known to settle on the basis of detailed expert reports. The firm’s distinctive and effective writing style delivers a complete exposition of standards documented with extensive technical citations. Every expert report includes:

  • Dispute Overview: Key factual elements are summarized in a succinct format.
  • Expert Opinion: The methodology for arriving at expert conclusions is fully documented in an annotated document that is easy to follow yet hard to dispute.
  • Detailed Analysis: Relevant accounting, auditing, and financial reporting standards are clearly identified. Opponent’s deviations from standards are explained in great detail and supported by technical references to chapter and verse of the pertinent professional standards.
  • Foundation for Findings: Graphs, computational breakdowns, and statistical analyses help to explain the case findings.

Epstein + Nach LLC is experienced in assisting plaintiff or defense attorneys in the preparation of trial outlines.

Contact a Forensic Accountant

Forensic accounting expert Dr. Barry Epstein is available at 312-464-3520 or via email for a confidential discussion of your case.